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A Good Punter is Worth His Weight in Gold...!

Quick! Raise your hand if you always wanted to be the punter! C'mon! I'm waiting...!

Yep, just as I thought. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY ever wants to be the punter. They are the laughing stock of the football team, as they usually can't tackle worth beans, and they're usually the scrawny guy on a team full of 250+ pound men! They're skillset is looked down upon, as seemingly anyone can kick the ball. And punters aren't "stars"; they're itinerant players that often change teams. BUT...they play an extremely valuable position on the team, and a good punter, one who can consistently put the ball inside the 20-yard line, can be very valuable to his team!

The position of lighting auditor is very similar. It is not a terribly demanding job, physically speaking, even though we do walk 4-5 miles (on average) each day. that we audit. And it doesn't look hard, so it looks like just about anybody can do it. Which is true, because indeed, anybody CAN count lights. But the good ones, such as the Team at Accurate Auditors, are thorough, conscientous, and accurate. We consistenly audit with an extremely high degree of accuracy, which makes the lighting projects more accurate, and thusly more profitable for our customers!

Another analogy is that of a Handyman vs. Electrician. A handyman is the perfect guy to install a ceiling fan. But if you want to rewire the house, you'd better call an electrician!

The position of professional Lighting Auditor is similar to this analogy as well! While any salesman can count the existing fixtures in a small office or warehouse, it's best to hire a full-time Lighting Auditor to perform the lighting audit on large jobs.

You've heard the expression "use the right tool for the right job!". Well, when it comes to auditing the lighting on large projects, use a professional Lighting Auditor. And while your at it, make sure that you are using an Accurate Auditor...!

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