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The Accurate Auditors Team has been performing Lighting Audits for Electrical Contractors, Distributors, and End Users, since 2003! From pen-and-paper, to laptops, we are now able to capture the fixtures in your entire facility on our tablets...! 


Performing Lighting Audits on such varied facilities as Military Bases, Manufacturing Plants, Schools, Churches, and too many Office Buildings to count, we have the experience to Audit your facility too...! 


Finally, don't forget to come back the Third Thursday of every month for our new Blog Posts! Our Team posts new articles on the latest trends in Lighting, Business, and Life. So join us each Third Thursday (got a pretty good ring, dontcha think...?) and see what we have to say...!

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Types of Facilities We've Audited...!

Dirty and Clean! Open Office to Top Secret! Manufacturing and Food Processing! Schools and Churches! 

You name it, the Accurate Auditor Team has been there...!

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Military Bases...

From San Diego to Florida, and all the way to Japan, The Accurate Auditor Team has been entrusted to audit Military Bases around the world. No matter how sensitive your facility, the Accurate Auditors Team has passed some of the most stringent background checks there are...!

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"Manufacturing" encompasses many types of environments. The Accurate Auditors Team has counted lights at a chocolate factory in Chicago, and a flour mill in Spokane. We've also been to a steel forging plant in Milwaukee, and a trash sorting site in California. Each facility provides its own rules and regulations, as well as unique challenges. Our Team is able to adapt and pulled off each Audit without any issue whatsoever...!

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Schools, Churches, and Offices...

Some of the most common facilities that desire to save energy are schools, churches, and offices. Our Team has the ability to audit an entire School District or Highrise office building. Whether one person does it all, or we team up to "Divide and Conquer". Either way, you can bet that it will be the most Accurate Audit possible...!

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Are You an Accurate Auditor...? 

Accurate Auditors is always looking to improve its Team! If you are an experienced Lighting Auditor with great attention to detail, let's talk! Email us your resume and cover letter, and we'll get back to you...!

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