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  • Why use an Accurate Auditor?

    • The best lighting projects begin with an accurate audit!

    • A poorly done lighting audit can result in costly change orders and pallets full of the wrong (unusable!) light fixtures. 

             Accurate Auditors are trained to perform lighting audits.

             We have the correct tools, know what to look for,                   

             and pay attention to the details of your facility’s lighting. 


  • How do Accurate Auditors perform their lighting audits?

  • What types of tools do Accurate Auditors use?

    • Apps (EcoInsight and Snapcount), to gather data. 

    • Light meters, to measure the amount of existing light (“foot-candles”) in your facility. 

    • Digital tape measures, to measure the heights of the ceiling, fixtures, and deck space, and also to determine the size of a room.

    • Gloves, to protect our hands. (Light bulbs, especially CFLs, are HOT! We wear gloves to protect our hands while we remove the lamp from the fixture. We remove the lamp so we can determine the actual wattage and pin type.)

    • Clickers, to allow us to get an accurate count of the existing light fixtures.


  • How do you use the information gathered with these tools?

    • This data gives our Solution Specialists the information that they need to choose the best lighting solution for your facility. When we know the height of the existing fixture AND the quantity of foot-candles (FC) that are needed at the working level (usually 36”-42”), we can then choose a fixture that will deliver the amount of lumens necessary to get the required foot-candles.


  • What’s a foot-candle? And how do I know how many I need?

    • Without getting too technical, a foot-candle (FC) is the common (USA) measurement of light in a given space. Foot-candle requirements vary depending on the type of space. For instance, 20FC is an extremely low level of light for an office, but it’s usually satisfactory for a warehouse. A measurement of 5FC is horrible inside any facility, but it’s almost like daylight in a parking lot! We rely on guidelines provided by the Illuminating Engineering Society that, along with your input, help us to determine what will work best!


  • Why should I trust a stranger to do my audit? Wouldn’t an employee of mine be more reliable?

    • At Accurate Auditors, performing lighting audits is how we make our living. It’s our only job. 

          We work hard to establish new clients, and we work even harder to gain their trust so that                we can keep them! And we do that by performing superior lighting audits.   

          Your employees may be very reliable, but performing lighting audits probably isn’t their main            job!


  • You’re based in Los Angeles, but my project isn’t in L.A. Will you still perform my audit?

          The short answer is, “Yes, we would love to discuss your out-of-town audit!” Typically, only                20% of our audits DO NOT require at least one night’s stay out of town! 

          In the last six months, Accurate Auditors have performed lighting audits in Chicago, San                  Diego, Iowa (twice!), New Orleans, Seattle, and Arizona. 

          We stay in 2-3-star hotels (eg, Hampton Inn), and operate with a budget-friendly food                      allowance.


  • How do you decide what a good solution is for my new lighting?

    • With over 17 years of experience, we have extensive knowledge of what works well in a workspace, whether it be an office, warehouse, car dealership, or parking lot. We also make sure to consult with you regarding your specific needs, requirements, and preferences in order to come up with the best lighting plan.

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