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Past Accurate Audits...!

Wiltern Center - Los Angeles

One of our first Lighting Audits was of the Wiltern Center, in downtown Los Angeles. It was the first of its kind, being done in a Historical building, and won the 2019 "Best Energy Savings Project" from LADWP...!


Sugar Refinery - New Orleans

We teamed with a major Electrical Wholesaler to audit this sugar refinery...! 

ASR Sugar Refinery - New Orleans - 12-2021.jpeg

Modesto JC - Modesto, CA

The client was tight on time and resources. They were only able to supply one escort, which meant we could only supply one auditor. However, Accurate Auditors was able to perform this audit "On Time and On Budget!" 

Modesto JC - 11-2021.jpeg

Yokota Air Base - Japan

Members of the Accurate Auditors Team participated in a three-week audit of Yokota Air Base in Japan. We are unable to show actual photos of the facility, but se feel that this photo of Mt Fuji, taken by Lead Auditor Bob Oppermann, sums up the location well!

Mt Fuji with Cool Cloud.JPG

140 New Montgomery - San Francisco

He said it was a lonnnng one, but our Lead Auditor accurately audited this 32-story office building in just one (1) day...!

140 New Montgomery - San Francisco - 11-2021.jpeg
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