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Cast That Vote...!

Well, here we are in the midst of another presidential election year. And while the popular spiel seems to be that "this is the most important election ever!", I've always believed that EVERY election was important!

I remember turning 18, and I couldn't wait to cast my first vote for The President of The United States. To me, that was an awesome responsibility and duty. I cast my vote for Jimmy Carter, and was very pleased when he won.

I used to keep score of my votes, and was pleased that I had an almost "perfect record" for the longest time. It probably wasn't until into my late 30's/early 40's that whether you "won" or "lost" the election wasn't important. But rather, the important thing was the actual process of voting!

It's amazing to me that the biggest voting block is the non-voter! In other words, if the non-voters all voted the same, they would win every election! They make up that large of a number! Amazing? Yes. Pathetic? Definitely!

Our election is November 3, 2020, which is less than two weeks away! And while voting has already begun, it'll be interesting to see if the turnout is any larger than it has been in the past. While people like to complain, they often don't like to actually go and do anything about it. So we'll see if voting by mail will increase the total voter turnout, or not. (Personally, I've been registered as an "Absentee Voter" for at least the last eight years. I used to travel a lot, so it was easier to vote by mail than try to make it to the polls. So no, I don't believe that there will be any fraudulent issues with the vote-by-mail system.

The important thing isn't how or who you vote for; the important thing is that you vote! Just make sure that you vote how you want to vote. Don't vote for whom your spouse/parents/boss/brother/sister tells you to vote. Do the research yourself, and come to your own conclusions. In California we have the Proposition system, and those can be really confusing. But we still have to learn enough about them so that we can make "educated" votes!

So bottom line is, it doesn't matter if you are a flaming liberal, a staunch conservative, or somewhere in between. All's that matters is that you vote your conscience. Don't worry about how your friends vote, and for crying out loud, don't lose friendships over how they vote!

Vote in peace. Vote your conscience. Vote with dignity. But by all means, just Vote...!

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