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COVID Killers Kill COVID...!!

Unfortunately, the COVID virus is here to stay! What isn't here to stay though, is societal shutdown! Sooner or later, they will develop a vaccine, and/or humans will develop an immunity to it. But when that happens, COVID will mutate and we'll have to figure out how to fight the new COVID! This is now how we fight influenza (the flu)!

But fear not, for the Team at Accurate Auditors and Lighting has a line of products that are COVID Killers! Using the lethal (to viruses, bacteria, molds, and fungi...!) combination of Ozone and UV-C light, these machines are guaranteed to kill COVID-19, and anything else that happens to be laying around.

Developed in 1993 by a Danish company by the name JIMCO, these COVID Killers use the only two technology's that are known to actually kill COVID; ozone and UV-C light!

The primary machine, the MAC500, essentially creates a "tunnel" of UV-C light. Pulling the air through the housing, it takes the air less than one second to be completely sanitized by the UV-C light. The sanitization process subsequently turns the air into ozone (O3), which has a lifespan of 23-minutes. In that 23 minutes, it kills every pathogen, virus, bacterial, mold, and/or fungus that gets in its way! At the O3 levels that the MAC500 produces, there are ZERO harmful affects to humans!

The Accurate Auditors & Lighting Team represents other JIMCO systems as well! Some of those emit higher levels of ozone, thus mandating that no living organisms be around (ie: humans, animals, plants.) These machines are best used when a facility is in "shut down" mode, and/or after everyone has gone home.

And finally, we have systems that are intended to sanitize massive volumes of air at once, as they are installed in the building's HVAC system.

The quality of our home and work environment has never been more important! Please reach out to an Accurate Auditors Team member for more information...!

The Accurate Auditors & Lighting Team


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