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Getting Outta Dodge...!

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

“Work/Life Balance” is euphemism nowadays for making sure that we have a good proportional balance between the amount of time that we spend on work, and on our personal lives. While I don’t consider myself to be a “workaholic”, I probably do have a disproportional work/life balance. So in recognition of that, I recently used my birthday as an excuse to “get outta Dodge…”, and spent a long weekend in Seattle.

Seattle is best known for its dreary weather, but I love it there. I love the mountains, and Mt Rainier is one of the most stunning peaks that I have ever seen. True to form though, it drizzled heavily for the three full days that we were there, but that just meant that I had to spend more time indoors with relatives. We shared lots of great food, good conversations, and probably way too much alcohol; but I was rested and refreshed when I returned home.

The moral of the story, is that we shouldn’t wait for special occasions to get away, but should probably try to take mini-vacations every 4-6 weeks. With that in mind, I’m in the midst of planning our next little getaway. This trip will probably be a little more simple, like going up north to see the Elephant Seals.

After all, listening to them bark all day is a lot more relaxing than me barking at my employees!


The Accurate Auditors Team…!

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