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Ya Gotta Have Goals and Dreams...!!

Right now it's called the US Bank Building. At 1,018 feet, it is the third tallest building west of the Mississippi River. Even though it is not thee tallest in LA, it is the most iconic and recognizable building in Los Angeles. Therefore, at a recent meeting of the Accurate Auditors' Director of The Board, it was unanimously voted to acquire the Naming Rights to the building located at 655 W. Fifth Street, by the year 2025!

A realistic goal? We don't know, because we don't know when the US Bank naming rights expire. We'll worry about that detail later. In the meantime, we've set the goal for 2025, because if we wait to find out all of the details, we might never set the goal. And if you don't set a goal, the odds of you achieving it are slim!

At Accurate (Lighting) Auditors, we are goal-driven. While we have an excellent group of customers/vendors that keep us busy. we don't rest on our laurels. We are continuously soliciting our services to others so that our pipeline never runs dry. And it is with that mind-set that we have set the goal for putting our logo atop the building located at 655 W. 5th St.

To be fair, we don't even know if we can afford this venture. But so what? It's fun to dream. And can you imagine if word gets out that Accurate Auditors wants its name up there? Well who knows, maybe US Bank will actually foot the bill to put our logo up there; even for just a day!

We're not looking for any charity. When you look at these types of buildings, it's only "the biggies" that have that type of naming rights. So when the Accurate Auditors logo is seen from the top of of 655 W. 5th St., everyone will know that we've made it big; and you can say that you "heard it here first"...!

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